Return policy

  1. The present guarantee conditions of the PROFIBERTECH company are valid provided they do not contradict the corresponding national law in relation to the guarantee provisions.
  2. The PROFIBERTECH company grants, on the mechanical and electronic components of the product, in accordance with the conditions described herein, a guarantee of one (1) month from the date of acquisition of the product by the buyer. If, within this warranty period, defects occur that are not due to reasons mentioned in points 6, 7 and 8, the PROFIBERTECH company will replace or repair the product using equivalent, new or rebuilt spare parts, according to its own criteria. If you apply spare parts that constitute an improvement of the device, the company PROFIBERTECH reserves the right to charge the additional cost of these components to the customer.
  3. In case of justified warranty claims, the product will be returned with postage paid.
  4. Guarantee services other than those mentioned will not be granted.
  5. Warranty services will only be carried out if a copy of the proof of purchase is presented together with the product. If there is a case covered by the warranty, the product will be repaired or replaced.
  6. The guarantee will not give right to inspection or free maintenance or repair of the product, particularly if the defects are due to improper use. The warranty rights also do not cover defects in wearing parts that are due to normal wear and tear.
  7. In the framework of the guarantee, defects in the product caused by:
    – Abuse or incorrect use of the product for purposes other than those foreseen, in breach of the service and maintenance instructions of the PROFIBERTECH company.
    – Use of the product in a way that does not correspond to the technical or safety requirements of the country in which it is used.
    – Damage caused by force majeure or other causes not attributable to PROFIBERTECH.
  8. The warranty rights are canceled if the product has been repaired or opened by an unauthorized workshop or by the customer.
  9. If the company PROFIBERTECH established, when checking the product, that the damages presented do not give the right to claim the guarantee, the costs of the revision services by the PROFIBERTECH company will be borne by the customer.
  10. The products without warranty rights will only be repaired against payment of the expenses by the customer. In case of absence of warranty rights, PROFIBERTECH will inform the buyer about it. If, within 4 weeks of this communication, we do not receive a written repair order confirming the acceptance of the expenses, PROFIBERTECH will return the product in question to the buyer. in this case, transportation and packaging costs will be invoiced separately and will be charged against reimbursement. In case of issuance of a repair order, confirming the assumption of expenses, the transport and packaging costs will be additionally invoiced separately.
  11. The guarantee is only granted to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. With the exception of PROFIBERTECH, no third party is authorized to grant guarantees on behalf of PROFIBERTECH.
  12. In the event that PROFIBERTECH can not provide an adequate guarantee service, the buyer will not have any right to claim compensation for consequential damages. The responsibility of the PROFIBERTECH company is limited, in any case, to the product invoicing Price.